Our Environmental Commitment

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Since early 2011 Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design has participated in a grass roots effort to recycle all old carpet and bonded carpet cushion removed from the company’s contracted flooring jobs. “Environmental stewardship is part of our DNA.” Barrington fills a 53’ trailer every week with the products we recycle – product that would otherwise be directed to a landfill. Those products include all cardboard, clear plastic, metal trim pieces, bonded carpet pad and all old carpet. All wooden pallets received are reused or reclaimed as well.The statistics are startling; between 4-6% of all landfill space is taken up by old carpeting. Carpet is full of renewable and reusable resources. Directing those reusable resources to a landfill system is not only wasteful, but nearly impossible to decompose in a landfill as a whole.

In addition to these efforts, Barrington Carpet also recycles all store generated paper. Necessary paperwork is scanned for storage and the paper is then recycled. Let Barrington recycle your old carpet!

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