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Why acclimation matters with luxury vinyl flooring

It is essential to acclimate luxury vinyl flooring! It looks solid but has microscopic holes so the air can circulate.

When the air gets humid, the vinyl expands. When it's dry, it contracts. Read today's post to learn more about acclimating your luxury vinyl flooring.

How do you acclimate vinyl?

Keep opened boxes in the room where it's to be installed for 48 hours. The room should be climate controlled; if necessary, ask the flooring expert for advice.

Keep the room between 60 and 80 degrees F with no excessive air conditioning or heat.

Even if it comes locally, there could be temperature fluctuations between the warehouse and your home.

What happens if I don?t do it?

Vinyl plank flooring will expand and gap. The planks can also buckle.

Also, be mindful that this product is often installed via the floating floor technique. Here, pieces click together, mat, and then hover over the subfloor without adhesives.

The slightest movement can throw the floor off balance. The humidity can also wreak havoc with the clicking mechanism.

About concrete subfloors

When you are shopping for luxury vinyl flooring in Akron, OH, be sure to ask our advice about concrete subfloors. The great thing about vinyl is that it can place over anything, but concrete can be damp.

Ask us about sealing, curing, and possibly using a vapor barrier (underlayment). The horrible thing about mold is that it can grow anywhere. You certainly don't want a concrete subfloor to enhance those conditions!

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