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Is porcelain or ceramic tile flooring better?

Ceramic and porcelain are attractive and serviceable tile flooring materials, but porcelain is superior. If you're looking for tile in Akron, OH, you can compare the two types of long-lasting tile floors at Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design.

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Clay-based material

Ceramic is made of coarse clay, and porcelain is made of fine clay, and while both types of tiles are hardened by firing them in a kiln, porcelain is fired at a higher temperature.

Thus, porcelain is harder and denser, and it takes greater skill to cut the tiles during the installation process. Therefore, it's wise to invest in porcelain tile flooring, the most durable tile on the market.


Ceramic tile, which is waterproof only when it is glazed, tends to be standard in size and simple in design and color. However, many homeowners choose to enhance the look of a ceramic wall or floor tile with colored grout.

As for general characteristics, ceramic tile resists stains, scratches, and heat, and since it is a good heat conductor, it pairs well with a radiant heating system.


Naturally, waterproof porcelain tile has the same general characteristics as ceramic tile, but it tolerates high foot traffic better and tends to have a longer lifespan.

Tile flooring is found in various shapes, colors, and designs. Wood-look porcelain tiles are trendy, and tiles that mimic stones like marble and granite are homeowner favorites, too.

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