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Carpet from Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design

The difference between carpet today and that from a generation ago is that carpet selection now is personal. Endless choices of color, texture and patterns allow for the creation of unique living spaces. Many carpets today have revolutionary carpet fiber systems that give supreme softness while being virtually stain proof. Today carpet remains a very affordable option that is comfortable underfoot, easy to replace while being warmer, softer and quieter underfoot. Installation flexibility allows carpet to go over a variety of substates.


Carpet cushion is truly the foundation that without is proven to cause carpet to break down and not hold up to even the lightest traffic. Quality cushion, like our Stainmaster cushion, has a built-in moisture barrier to protect the subfloor.

Stainmaster cushion with odor guard technology has self-activating enzymes that destroy odors left from spills and pet odors. Thus the bottom line is quality cushion enhances the durability, comfort, and cleanliness of your carpet. Choosing a high-quality cushion is just as important as choosing the right carpet.

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