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If you need quality commercial flooring, you might wonder what the best options are, and we're here to share some tips to make the decision a bit easier. Part of the process of finding the perfect materials for your retail location is focusing on your specific requirements. For instance, are you looking for something best known for durability, or is appearance a more critical feature?

Think about what type of commercial flooring you need

Commercial flooring products are plentiful in today’s market, and for that reason, it can help to lean on professionals who work with these products daily. For instance, a commercial carpet might not be on your list of materials to consider, but you might also be missing some critical points about the products that could make it perfect for your business. It could be worth your time to find out more about these floors and what they can offer. Carpet tiles are an excellent option for your commercial area. They offer a quick and easy installation, often utilizing the peel and stick installation method, and are super easy to care for daily. Fibers are short, compact, and stand up well under heavy traffic and everyday wear. One of the best things about these tiles is that you don't have to replace an entire floor if they become stained or damaged. You’ll only need to remove the damaged tiles and replace them. The floor will look new again. For extensive lifespan, be sure to ask about products in this category with built-in stain protection for fewer stains and a surface that’s much easier to clean.



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A commercial flooring showroom can make all the difference

When you need professional advice for the flooring in your commercial location, be sure to visit Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design at our Akron, OH showroom location. With a staff that receives all the latest trend updates and product news, you can rest assured you’re getting the industry’s best for your needs. We also ensure that you receive products that meet both your needs and your budget.

We serve Akron, OH, Uniontown, OH, Copley, OH, Hartville, OH, and North Canton, OH, and we invite you to visit us so that you can take advantage of our great inventory of floor coverings and services. We’ll work one on one with you until you find the products that will best serve your requirements. If you need great commercial flooring, you’ll be glad you stopped by.